A multitude of benefits

The Women in STEM Living-Learning Center provides a number of academic support, professional development, and personal growth opportunities for residents. Below are a few reasons you might choose the Women in STEM LLC.

Resources and experience

  • Guidance by and networking with a group of women faculty
  • Paid summer research experiences
  • Campus laboratory tours and trips to STEM companies
  • Career development workshops and panels
  • Community service and volunteer opportunities
  • Professional development seminar for new residents

Academic and professional growth

Two Women in Stem Students attend the Academy of Science

You will enroll in a one-credit seminar course during your first year in the program that is specifically designed to introduce you to the wide variety of career options in STEM fields and help you cultivate the necessary skills required for a successful career here at IU and beyond.

You will also be eligible to receive funding for paid summer research opportunities on campus in your areas of interest. These opportunities allow you to acquire valuable experience and knowledge outside of the classroom, while refining your interests and goals.

The STEM program hosts a number of workshops and programs throughout the year to facilitate academic and professional development on topics such as how to create an effective research poster, career possibilities for STEM majors, and current issues in STEM fields.

Mentoring connections

You will participate in mentoring groups with women faculty and peer mentors from STEM fields. The mentors meet regularly with you to discuss topics such as your academic goals, research opportunities, careers and professional development, and work/life balance. Meetings may include dinner discussions, attending lectures or seminars on campus together, or visiting your mentors' laboratory or workplace.

You will also have regular access to graduate student tutors to answer your questions about science and mathematics courses, including 300- and 400-level courses.

Two Women in Stem students work together
Two Women in Stem Students ride in a kayak